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About Us

Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) is a partnership project of Japan and the World Bank launched in June 2004. We are a center for facilitating knowledge exchange (KE) and Knowledge Sharing (KS) within the development community in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Our distance learning and knowledge sharing programs are delivered through the World Bank’s network, Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) and other networks, utilizing the wealth of knowledge and experience in development from both Japan and the World Bank.

Our Vision

Tokyo Development Learning Center aims to be:

  • The pre-eminent platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge-sharing, contributing strongly to deliver solutions that help end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in the Asia Pacific region and across the world, especially in Africa, South Asia and Latin America leveraging lessons from Japan’s experience and the World Bank’s expertise.

Our vision is characterized by:

  • Skillful integration of technology with innovative content design and expertise derived from strategic partnerships, including Japanese and international organizations and various Global Practice units across the World Bank, from within and beyond the Asian region
  • Leading the way as a center of excellence at the heart of a strong and dynamic GDLN Asia Pacific and at the forefront of GDLN activities worldwide

Our Goals

  • To facilitate dialog between advanced, middle-income and developing nations (including north-south, south-south and south-north exchanges through peer-learning and knowledge exchange), and thereby achieving substantial development impact aligned with the goals of the World Bank, the Government of Japan and other stakeholders
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