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World Bank to Conduct 2nd Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Planning and Implementing TOD at City, Corridor and Station Scales

Friday, May 26th, 2017
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World Bank’s Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) will organize its 2nd Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Technical Deep Dive (TDD) from May 29 to June 2, 2017. This TDD is organized jointly with World Bank TOD Community of Practice (CoP), CPP partner city Yokohama and the Government of Japan (MLIT), and consists of learning sessions and site visits to Shibuya Station, Shinjyuku Station, Minatomirai 21 District and Yokohama Station. Practitioners and experts on TOD from 11 countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Greece, Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Serbia, Tanzania, and Vietnam) are expected to join this TDD.

Participants of the first TOD TDD learned the concept of TOD and the distinct benefits that TOD can provide to the people living both in city centers and outer areas including transport accessibility, economic benefits and efficient land and resource use in high density development around transit centers. It has also been confirmed that effective TOD is a fundamental approach in the global pursuit for Sustainable Cities which are clean and efficient, resilient against disasters, inclusive, productive and competitive. The 3V framework that can maximize the economic value of TOD station areas while adhering to the importance of the balance across three values of node, place and market were also introduced during the sessions.

The 2nd TOD TDD will offer a unique learning opportunity to help World Bank Clients to design and implement successful TOD projects at the city, corridor and station scales. TDLC’s new case studies “Overview and Planning Process of Shibuya Redevelopment Project” and “10 Topics to know about City Planning in Japan,” and t World Bank’s new report on TOD “Transforming the Urban Space through Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)” will be utilized to deepen the discussion and to better prepare participating cities to successfully plan and implement projects in their countries. Site visits to the TOD sites at these scales are planned to supplement the discussion.

Participants will also learn positive economic impact resulting from alignment of transport and urban development by examining successful Japanese TOD experiences. Participants will then consolidate the idea, modify and scale up their plan to best fit into their own cities.


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