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TDLC’s Structured Learning and Research Activities August 2017

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

TDLC is delivering various knowledge products in collaboration with Japanese and global partners as well as relevant teams and Global Practices in the World Bank. The materials document Japanese development approaches in specific thematic areas with the ultimate goal of applying them to Bank operations in developing countries.

Case Study “Land Readjustment in Japan”


Land Readjustment (LR) is one of the popular urban development methods in Japan. It has been used for various development purposes around the whole country. The development purposes include not only residential area development in peri-urban areas, but also urban renewal in urbanized areas, and post-disaster reconstruction and integrated urban development with urban transport facilities. This is the first comprehensive account on LR in Japan issued by the World Bank and has been developed as part of a LR eLearning Module. Contents include the history of LR, legal and institutional arrangements, process, case studies inclusive of before and after land distribution and project costs. Land_Readjustment_Japan.pdf

Japan Project Briefs
Japan Project Briefs are a series of short documentations of relevant projects in Japan which exhibit unique development approaches and technologies. The Japan Project Briefs explain the background and objective of the specific project, followed by a project overview with particular focus on the key factors for success. The next section provides evidence and analysis on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the project. Lastly, the key takeaways which can be applied to other development projects are summarized. Thematically, the Japan Project Brief Series focuses on urban planning, urban service provision, urban management, social development and disaster risk management.

“The Case of Toyama City: Forming a Compact City with Light Rail Transit”


    Toyama has developed as one of the main capital cities along the coastal region of the Japan Sea. The city area of 1,242 km2 with about 420,000 residents accounts for approximately 30% of the prefectural land. However, the prefectural capital experienced both a shrinking population, having reached a peak in 2010, and also aging, with a high proportion of elderly residents… JPB_ToyamaCity.pdf


    Technical Note on Transit-oriented Development (TOD)

    TN TOD

    This Technical Note summarizes the core messages came out during TDLC’s Technical Deep Dive (TDD) conducted in May 2016 to catalyze WB TOD projects across regions. It introduces country challenges with the particular focus on implementation, and highlights Japanese experience in the area, trying to examine institutional arrangements, policies and planning, and implementation mechanisms. After Action Plans based on key takeaways from the TDD are shared at the end. TOD_TN.pdf



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