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Japan’s Toyama City and World Bank Sign Memorandum of Understanding on City Partnership Program

Friday, November 4th, 2016

November 3, 2016, Toyama, Japan – City of Toyama and the World Bank today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to intensify collaboration to conduct joint research, identify good practices, share knowledge and experience, and identify opportunities to link Japanese expertise with project-level engagements in developing countries.

The MOU commits both the stakeholders to document experiences and lessons on various development challenges and solutions areas through joint research and through knowledge delivery and learning activities designed to share experience around specific development solutions. The collaborators will also engage in capturing and documenting practical, “how to” experiences from relevant agencies in Toyama City, and producing outputs such as knowledge notes, toolkits, good practice guides and videos.

Yasusuke Tsukagoshi, World Bank’s Special Representative of Japan mentioned in his Opening Remarks, “On this successful signing of the memorandum, we look forward to collaborate further on compact cities, natural disaster risk management, aging society and accessibility, and solid waste management.”

Located nearly 250 km northwest of Tokyo on the Sea of Japan, Toyama City is the home of Japan’s high tech, robotics, banking, and pharmaceutical industries, and a major producer of hydroelectric power. Designated in 2008 by the national government of Japan an “Environmental Model City” and then in 2011 an “Environmental Future City,” Toyama was recognized by OECD in 2012 as one of five cities with advanced “Compact City” policies.

Masashi Mori, Mayor of Toyama City said, “Toyama City has been chosen as the only mid-size CPP partner city in Japan. We are fully committed to contribute to the similar size cities in developing countries.”

Toyama City and the World Bank jointly held Technical Deep Dive on Compact Cities and 100 Resilient Cities Summit from October 30 to November 4 to discuss compact cities, explore policy decisions and share examples of successful interventions. Both the stakeholders will conduct knowledge exchange public seminar on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and compact cities in near future.


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