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TDLC to Organize Technical Deep Dive on Seismic Risk and Resilience

~Japan’s Lessons in Strengthening Seismic Resilience~

Friday, March 9th, 2018
SRTDD Announcement2


March 12-16, 2018, Tokyo, Sendai, and Kobe, Japan- Earthquakes push more than 4 million people into extreme poverty on average every year. Building the quality of development investments coupled with preparedness of local authorities and residents can help tackle these challenges.

World Bank’s TDLC and the Tokyo Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Hub are jointly organizing a Technical Deep Dive (TDD) on Seismic Risk and Resilience with a collaboration of Government of Japan and World Bank’s Building Regulation for Resilience, Climate Change Mitigation and Development KSB. Approximately 50 practitioners and decision makers from 10 World Bank client countries will gather together to discuss seismic risk identification, risk monitoring, risk communication for preparedness, risk management applications in infrastructure management, and risk reduction in built environment.

Japan has been exposed to earthquakes throughout its history and has shown that effective disaster risk management is possible. Participants will visit Sendai City and Kobe City to learn about their experiences and their measures by observing the facilities. 


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