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Thematic Areas

Environment and Disaster

From disaster risk management, climate change and environment to urban development, this category focuses on education and preparedness on issues which intersect nature and society.

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Health and Labor

Health and labor are at the core of happy, productive lives. TDLC addresses key issues -- human resource development in health care, policy dialogue on urgent agenda such as the A/H1N1 influenza, and international labor issues, as it strives to play a role to support better, safer living.

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Education, Science & Technology

Even distribution of knowledge and capacity for knowledge creation, particularly for children and youths, is becoming increasingly important for a prosperous world. Higher education and appropriate social applications of science and technology are critical in order to build the wealth of nations. Through its programs in Education and Science & Technology, TDLC seeks to contribute for a brighter future.

Education, Science & Technology »

Private Sector, Finance, and PPP

This thematic group includes microfinance training, management courses for small and medium size enterprises, corporate social responsibility (CSR) courses, and seminars on Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

Through these courses, TDLC seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of private companies and individuals, while realizing sustainable business growth in developing countries.

Private Sector, Finance, & PPP »


TDLC covers a range of other topics such as economic issues, regional integration in Asia, and agriculture. Once critical mass is accumulated in particular subject areas, other thematic groups will be established accordingly.

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