Facilities Guide

TDLCs video conferencing facility can accommodate a wide range of event configurations including seminars (up to 100 people), distance learning courses, project planning meetings, small media briefings and any number of other possibilities.

All of our rooms are well equipped to enhance the quality of your event with capabilities such as simultaneous interpretation (SI), a professional teleprompter for opening remarks and speeches, live webcasting, and digital recording for archiving and repackaging material.

A qualified technician is on hand at all times, leaving you to focus on the event. For confidential meetings our conference rooms can optionally managed via a self-operated touch screen panel – creating a closed room environment.


The Studio is a technologically advanced conference room, with a theater-style layout that can accommodate up to 5 speakers at the dais, and up to 25 participants in the audience. Equipped with a teleprompter, a large projector screen for presentation display, and chroma-key capability, we have the resources to make it clear that your event was professionally produced.

Training Room & Large Conference Room

The Training Room and Large Conference Room are each ideal settings for round table discussions (up to 18 participants/room) or classroom style training seminars (up to 40 participants/room).

Each room is equipped with 2 flat screen monitors that descend from the ceiling for use in displaying video conference participants or presentation materials. The rooms share a simultaneous interpretation booth.

For larger public events the Studio can be opened up and extended to cover the areas occupied by the Training and Large Conference Room to accommodate up to 100 guests.

Technical Specification:

Standard Equipment

  • Simultaneous interpretation booth
  • DVD & DVCAM playback and recording
  • Wi-Fi internet access point
  • Wireless microphones


  • Room size: approximately 80 m2
  • Professional studio cameras
  • Document camera
  • Large projection screen: 204 (W) x 154 (H) cm screen
  • Presenter projection screens
  • Chroma-key screen
  • Teleprompter
  • Moveable lectern

Training Room & Large Conference Room

  • Room size: approximately 80 m2
  • Professional studio cameras or single client controlled camera
  • Two 50” plasma monitors

Network Connectivity

  • The World Bank / GDLN Network
  • SINET Network
  • ISDN
  • Audio telephone line

Please contact us with any questions or to request a consultation.