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All documents contained in the online course are listed below.  Simply click on a document to open it.

  • Baydas, Mayade, Douglas Graham and Lisa Valenzuela. "Commercial Banks in Microfinance: New Actors in the World of Microfinance," USAID Microenterprise Best Practices Project Paper, 1997. [pdf file]
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  • CGAP. "Appraisal Format Spreadsheet, Addendum to Format for Appraisal of Microfinance Institutions," CGAP Technical Tools Series No. 4, July 1999.  [pdf file]   [Excel spreadsheet]
  • CGAP. "Commercialization and the Mission Drift: The Transformation of Microfinance in Latin America," Occasional Paper no. 5, January 2001.  [pdf file]
  • CGAP. "Cost Allocation for Multi-Service Microfinance Institutions," Occasional Paper No. 2, April 1998.  [pdf file]
  • CGAP. Disclosure Guidelines for Financial Reporting by Microfinance Institutions. Washington, D.C.: CGAP. Provisional version. January 2001.  [pdf file]
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  • Rutherford, Stuart. "Savings and the Poor: the methods, use and impact of savings by the poor in East Africa," MicroSave – Africa, May 1999.  [pdf file]
  • Schreiner, Mark.  "Aspects of Outreach: A framework for the discussion of the social benefits of microfinance," Paper for Discussion, 1999.  [pdf file]
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  • Wright, Graham. "Principles and Practices: Myths of Regulation and Supervision," MicroSave – Africa, 12 January 2000.  [pdf file]

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Blended Learning Course

The Tokyo Development Learning Center and its partners periodically offer a fee-based Microfinance Training of Trainers blended learning course based on the content of this free online course. The blended learning course provides additional lectures, opportunities to ask questions, tutoring, homework, and exams. Successful completion of the blended learning course also provides a certificate of completion to successful students, whereas this free online course does not. Please visit the Microfinance Training of Trainers Course information page for more details on this course

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