Technical Services

TDLC provides video conferencing and post production services. Please review the service descriptions below, then contact us and let us know your requirements.

Video conferencing service

Our well equipped and flexible room layout makes our venue ideal for many different video conference-based events from simple meetings to distance learning courses to round-table discussions. Our video conferencing infrastructure, extensive network of other centers throughout the world and our live web-based video streaming service allow you to vastly expand your reach. If you have a compatible video conferencing facility and just need us to connect you to GDLN centers in our network or other compatible facilities worldwide, we can do that via our Technology Hub Service. We even have the capability to take video conferencing on the road and provide our services at a remote venue. 1 Our experienced staff is on hand to give you all the technical support and advice you need for planning and implementing your event.

Post production service

We can make an archive recording of your event available on demand after the event. We can take the recording and edit it in a variety of ways depending on your needs. On the more basic side, we can do simple trimming, basic color and audio corrections to make the video more compact and compelling.
More advanced options include filming separate interviews and supplementary materials to edit into the event material, creating custom motion graphics, adding titles and/or subtitles, pretty much anything you need to maximize the ongoing usefulness of your material.
Advanced video editing requires planning in advance, and we recommend that you consult with us about your needs as early as possible if you are interested in using our video editing services. Please contact us with any questions or to request a consultation.


Price list for our most commonly provided technical services (PDF File ~200Kb) This list is intended to provide a rough understanding of how much an event is likely to cost. Please note that program development services require a consultation to allow us to come up with an estimated price. To obtain an official estimate please contact us so we can consult on your specific goals and requirement.

[1]: conditions allowing.