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Khuyến mãi sẽ sẵn sàng trong 7 giây

The Beacon. Shanghai SIPG score a success in Hongkou ! Next Week’s AFC continue to fight!

This afternoon, Shanghai SIPG in the 10th round of match for CSL, to knock down Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC by 3:1 which in the same city at away game,

took the first victory in this season of Derby Game. Wu Lei and Hulk both score the goal successively,

 the third goal was scored by Oscar, ball was bounce onto the opponent then goes to the net.





This match, Shanghai SIPG uses all foreign player on the line of attack,

Hulk,Elkeson and Oscar these three Brazilian player become the first line up,

on the forward line there is Wu Lei which he is the best scorer locally.


On the defense line, Wang Shenchao back to left defense, MF is He Guan partnered with Shi Ke,

right defense is Fu Huan. Except for the MF Oscar, they have Cai Huikang and U23 player Zhang Huachen.


In the 8’ minute, Zhang Huachen was injured and replaced by Lin Chuangyi.

Shanghai SIPG in the 35’ minute first score the goal, Wang Shenchao enter the penalty area from the left, Greenland Shenhua MF player Li Jianbin head the ball by mistake,

Wu Lei then taking the chance to shoot straight into the goal. In the 42’ minute,

 Greenland Shenhua try to draw the score, Moreno head the ball to pass on,

Martins then goes to the penalty area alone score the goal. In the first half, both team draw the score as 1:1


The second half was extremely stalemate, Boas in the 79’ minute make the decision to adjust the substitutions,

Lv Wenjun replaced Lin Chuangyu, continued to attack.


In the 88’ minute, Elkeson break through from the left pass to the middle,

 to make chaos in front of the goal of Greenland Shenhua, Hulk continued to shoot twice,

finally helps the team to take the lead again. During the injury stage,

Oscar shoot the ball on the goal post, again bounce onto Greenland Shenhua player Li Yunqiu, then goes to the goal.




In the acquisition of four consecutive victories, Shanghai SIPG continue to follow the leader Guangzhou Evergrande,

the next CSL match will be against Beijing Guoan on the 27th May ( Saturday) in the home ground.



For the next AFC, Shanghai SIPG shall compete against Jiangsu Suning on the 24th May ( Wednesday)

 which will be the first battle between in the AFC knockout.






Daniel ( Assistant coach of Shanghai SIPG): This match, we are taking charge in our own rhythm for this. The entire match we had many possession rate, create alot of opportunities to score, even more goals can be achieved. For the whole last week, our team is travel in the away game trip, preparation is not enough, if we have more time, our performance will be better. Overall, everything is in our control, the team performed very well.


For each player, we are very satisfied. For those who did not participated in the match, they also played a great role in this victory.



Poyette( head coach of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC):First of all I felt my heart is broken, we lost the match, the result is unaccepted. Of course, the entire match, we have obvious chances, but however we have not made it. In the last 15 minutes, the formation of the two teams has been opened, which team has the ability and strength to scored, then they will win the game, but this certainly has not happen to us.


But I am very satisfied with the performance of our players, there is no time to play for a draw, but continue to attack, want to win the game. What can be done now, is to digest everything, and prepare for the new match on the day after tomorrow.


Appearance List

GK: Yan Junling
DF: Fu Huan, Shi Ke, He Guan, Wang Shenchao

MF: Oscar, Zhang Huachen ( 8’ Lin Chuangyi, 79’ Lv Wenjun), Cai Huikang
FW: Hulk,Elkeson, Wu Lei ( 90+’Zhang Wei)



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