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Winning over Luneng, Sealing Next Year’s Qualification of AFC Champions League for SIPG

Match Reports

In the 28th round of CSL this night, Shanghai SIPG at home won over Shandong Luneng by 4-1, getting the whole three points and sealing the qualification of AFC Champions League of next season in advance.

Elkeson scored two goals and made one assist; Hulk and Li Haowen each scored a goal.

This match, team leader Sun Xiang was suspended and Wang Shenchao replaced him as left defender; Elkeson, Fu Huan and Shi Ke all returned from injury. Like last match, Hulk was arranged as offensive mid-fielder, Elkeson as striker, Wu Lei and Evrard as left and right.

In the 28th minute, SIPG broke the deadlock. Fu Huan passed the ball from right to center and Elkeson headed the ball into the goal. In the 41st minute, Wang Shenchao’s long shot was rejected by Luneng’s goalkeeper, Wang Dalei. But, Elkeson’s follow shot scored the ball into the goal. In the first half, SIPG was in the lead by 2-0.

In the second half, the offensive of SIPG was still very strong. In the 47th minute, Hulk played a skillful one-two with Elkeson in the middle and solely shot at the ball from far corner into the goal. Then, Luneng once almost caught up with SIPG by Cisse’s goal, but, in the 89th minute, SIPG’s young Li Haowen who as a substitute player scored one goal, sealing the victory for SIPG. However, in the 75th minute, it was a pity that Hulk’s thigh was injured in a counterattack and he had to leave in advance.

Because Guangzhou R&F lost to Beijing Guoan in this round, SIPG had been locked the top 4 in CSL, sealing the qualification of AFC Champions League of next season.

SIPG’s next match will be hold on next Wednesday (October 26th ). SIPG will play Tianjin Teda in guest field and try their best for the top 3 of CSL.



Eriksson (the head coach of Shanghai SIPG FC) :

I thought this was a wonderful match. We deserved this victory. We made lots of opportunities for goals. Facing strong team as Luneng, our did well in defense. I was quite satisfied with the performance of our team. This victory meant that we got the qualification of AFC Champions League of next season, and that was one of our club’s targets in this season.

It was a pity that Hulk had a thigh muscle injury. The specific circumstance was not clear. We could know the result after tomorrow’s overhaul by doctors

In fact, we always hoped we can pass the ball, but it was difficult to do in particular match. This night, players of midfield and front court cooperated very well and they played the football what we wanted. I wanted to mention that our field was very good to let we play smoothly passes in today’s heavy rain, so we wanted to sincerely say thanks to our staffs.

Although we scored four goals in this match, I thought we should have scored six or seven goals. However, I was very happy to see Elkeson scored goals again, and Hulk scored a goal, as well as young striker Li Haowen scored a goal. For strikers, scoring goals was very important. This match, our offensive and defensive were quite good and I was very happy.

Lippi was once national team’s coach and won the World Cup. He had been in China for more than four years. So he knew about Chinese football. He was the good choice for Chinese national team and he can well fulfill this job. I congratulated him and wished Chinese Football better and better.


Magath (the head coach of Shandong Luneng Taishan FC) :

We played not bad in the past few weeks. But today’s performance was not good. Because I came in the middle of this season, I was not clear to our players’ performance and consumption in last half year. There were some problems on players’ stamina in the end of this season. Besides, players thought our team wouldn’t be demoted, so they wouldn’t try their best.

In the first half, we just played well five minutes. There were some changes in the second half. We can contend with SIPG and played our normal level. I was still satisfied with the second half.


The list

Goalkeeper : Yan Junling

Defender : Wang Shenchao, Kim Ju-Young, Shi Ke, Fu Huan

Midfielder : Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Hulk (78’ Lin Chuangyi ), Cai Huikang, Evrard (86’ Li Haowen )

Striker : Elkeson

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