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Yan Junling Turned the Shot Round the Post, SIPG FC Broke Even Evergrade Taobao FC in Host Field

Match Reports

In the 26th round of CSL tonight, Shanghai SIPG FC broke even the bellwether Guangzhou Evergrade Taobao FC by 0:0 in host field 

Conca and Kim Ju-Young missed the game because of injury. Elkeson could not take part in the match owing to the transfer terms. The halfback combination of the team’s defense was still the same as last round with young He Guan and Shi Ke. Midfielders Cai Huikang and Wang Shenchao emphasized on defense with Evrard and Wu Lei on both sides and Hulk at the very front of the forward line.

In the first half, SIPG FC stuck to defense and launched a counterattack through the backcourt interception. The speed of Evrard and Hulk gave the opponents a certain threat. Guangzhou Evergrade Taobao FC also got chances to score. For example, Zheng Zhi hit the crossbar in the distance. Before the end of the first half, Shanghai SIPG FC was penalized for committing a handball foul within the penalty area. Fortunately, Yan Junling was fantastic to save a penalty kick by Goulart.

Similar to the first half, both sides had some opportunities, but neither shot in the second half. Under the rotation shock by Hulk and Evrard of SIPG FC, Two defenders Kim Young-Gwon and Chen Zepeng of Evergrade Taobao FC faced physical decline and were unable to adhere to the game because of injury. Eventually, the score of 0: 0 continued and the two sides both got one point.

Because the national team will participate in two preliminary matches for World Cup in early October, Next round of SIPG FC will be on October 15 with Jiangsu Suning FC, which ranked the second in the league, as a guest team.


Eriksson (the head coach of Shanghai SIPG FC) :

It was a brilliant game. This season we got two points from Evergrade Taobao FC, which was good. Certainly we hope to beat them, but one point is acceptable. In the game today both sides had the opportunity to score, and this score was fair.

In the last two games, we only lost a penalty and the defense did a good job. The following four games are critical. The next game against Suning FC is also a difficult game. I hope Elkeson, Kim Ju-Young and Shi Ke are able to return in time so that there will be greater chance for us to play the rest of the games well.

Wu Lei has always been our key player. The reason for transferring him down after about 80 minutes was because he was a little tired. He is never absent in the club or the national team. He has played a lot of games, so the decline of physical condition was inevitable. This was the only reason why he was replaced.

This was the second time we used three defensive mid-fielder tactics which was effective in defense with only a ball lost in two games. What tactics to use against Jiangsu Suning FC is not decided yet.

Scolari (the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao FC) :

It was a good game. Both sides showed their strength. It was a pity to miss the penalty which could have changed the result. SIPG FC has its strength, especially on defense. This match really deserved to be called “the National Darby”.

The schedule of the games has a bad effect on our strength. Three games in 6 days could do great harm to athletes. Kim Young-Gwon was heavily injured and should be reimbursed by this season. And two other wounded should have at least a month to recuperate. But I can not change this situation, and I have no such rights. I have also tried to communicate with concerned parties only to no avail. In fact, the loss of players is not only the loss of the team but also the loss of the entire Chinese football. The league schedule makers ought to see how the European leagues do it.

We should give applause to our team today. Though we were tired, we made the game full of fights and we insisted to the end of the game.

The list

Goalkeeper: Yan Junling

Defenders: Sun Xiang, He Guan, Shi Ke (61' Wang Jiajie), Fu Huan

Midfielders: Evrard, Cai Huikang, Yu Hai, Wang Shenchao, Wu Lei (84' Lv Wenjun)

Striker: Hulk

After the game, players from both sides walked around the stadium to thank the audience. When Zhang Linpeng from Evergrande Taobao FC walked through the stands of Shanghai SIPG FC fans, they shouted "welcome home" to express their affection to this old East Asian player. When Sun Xiang, the captain of Shanghai SIPG FC walked through the stands of Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao FC fans, he also got cheers from them in unison.

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