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Hitotsubashi University Asian Public Policy Program Reunion

Alumni Strengthen Network via GDLN

Since 2006

Hitotsubashi University’s Asian Public Policy Program (APPP) has been using the GDLN to forge ties among alumni across Asia. In a virtual reunion, current master degree students, PhD candidates and faculty at the TDLC are joined by alumni in Beijing, Manila, Jakarta, Hanoi and other locations to discuss recent policy issues in Asia.

The APPP is an international program launched in the year 2000 with an emphasis on economic policy management. Each year, it accepts young professionals from Asia who wish to pursue careers in the public sector, and serves as a center for knowledge exchange between academic researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.

With a growing number of alumni across the region, keeping up with each other on a regular basis was not easy - enter the GDLN. The virtual reunions have provided an enjoyable new opportunity to exchange information among alumni as they accept greater responsibilities in shaping the future of Asia.

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