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Microfinance Training of Trainers Course (MFTOT)

A Blended Distance Learning Course

Since 2005

Accepting applications for MFTOT 10 from December 1, 2014.
Please visit the course page for more details.

Introducing first VC Session for 6th courseThe Microfinance Training of Trainers Course (MFT0T), first organized in February 2005, is a unique program that aims to enhance the knowledge of microfinance practitioners so that they may help to strengthen the institutional capacity of microfinance service providers in the Asia Pacific region.

By adopting a blended learning approach, the course trains and accredits trainers of the Microfinance Distance Learning (MFDL) Course developed by UNCDF. Through 8 deliveries, 893trainers in 55 countries have been accredited.

Localization efforts are also underway in many countries, and course materials have been translated into Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Indonesian to increase accessibility.

The course combines:

Self-paced study using the MFDL textbook and CD-ROM package. This package explores why and how microfinance operations grow to provide financial services to poor and low-income people on a sustainable basis. It brings together advice and best practices from successful practitioners and institutions from Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Online tutoring and e-discussion by tutors who are top graduates of previous courses. They will assist participants online throughout the course. Online discussion forum moderated by the team leader of tutors.

Videoconference lectures by international microfinance experts. Four 3-hour videoconference sessions will be conducted at local GDLN Centers. Videoconference sessions will feature presentations and discussions on current issues and best practices in microfinance. They will also be webcast live.


The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

China Development Bank (CDB)

The Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC)

Our thanks to the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) for contributing their CD-ROM and textbook to the Course.

The UNCDF Microfinance Distance Learning Course is available on-line.

Course Requirements

See http://mftot.jointokyo.org/

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