Project Documents

Project Documents

This section contains key planning documents and reports for Phase One, Tokyo Development Learning Center.

Documents for Phase 1 (up to June 2010)

Strategic Plans

TDLC Business Plan and Work Program JFY2004-5.pdf (612KB PDF)
TDLC Work Program and Budget JFY2006.pdf (666 KB PDF)

Mid-term Review (December 2006)

TDLC Mid-term Review Summary E.pdf (30 KB PDF)
TDLC Mid-term Review Full.pdf (240 KB PDF)

TDLC Assessment

TOR for Phase 1 Assessment.pdf (PDF 527KB)
Phase 1 Executive Summary.pdf (PDF 200KB)
Phase 1 TDLC Assessment Full Report.pdf (PDF 2.8MB)
TDLC Response to Assessment.pdf (PDF 154KB)

Microfinance Training of Trainers (MFTOT)

Evaluation Report MFTOT1-3.pdf (PDF 1.5MB)
Evaluation Report MFTOT6.pdf (PDF 198KB)

Documents for Phase 2 (up to March 2014)

Operations Reports

TDLC_Operations_Report_2011.pdf TDLC_Operations_Report_2012.pdf TDLC_Operations_Report_2013.pdf TDLC_Operations_Report_2014.pdf