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Winning over Greentown in Guest Field, Fighting for Next Season of AFC Champions League

Match Reports

In the 25th round of CSL, Shanghai SIPG FC won over Hangzhou Greentown FC by 2-1 tonight in guest field, with two shots by Evrard and He Guan. The scores of CSL scoring table of SIPG tied the third, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua.

This match, SIPG’s Korean defender, Kim Ju-Young, and vice team leader, Wang Shenchao, missed because of injury. Shi Ke and Young He Guan played in defense line. Yu Hai and Cai Huikang made main force in defense middle field for team. There were Wu Lei, Hulk, Elkeson, and Lv Wenjun in the first lineup of offensive line.

In the first half, both two teams had few opportunities to score. The whole match was a little tedious. Elkeson was injured by the rival. After playing a moment, he was replaced by young Evrard. Two teams entered the halftime break by 0-0.

In the second half, SIPG scored a goal in the 55th minute. Hulk caught the long pass ball and ran rapidly with the ball then scored the ball, but the ball was only shot goalpost. Fortunately, Evrard scored in time again and the ball was shot into the goal. In the 83rd minute, SIPG expended scores. Lv Wenjun shot a corner ball and He Guan jumped high and made a header into the goal. In stoppage time, Hangzhou Greentown got a penalty kick by No.9 Ramon’s shot. However, SIPG secured the fruits of this success and got a long C awaited victory.

SIPG with the willing of winning will play Guangzou Evergrade Taobao at home on next Saturday.


Eriksson (the head coach of Shanghai SIPG FC) :

To win again was the most important thing because it was a long time since our last victory. This victory was very important. In the second half, we played a lot better than in the first half. In the first half, the opponent created more opportunities to score. Hangzhou Greentown performed well today, especially in aggression, which was not seen previously.

I hoped these three points can inspire the morale of the team and give us more energy so that we can win the last five matches. We were very happy to get three points. And the team was still on the way of winning the qualification of the next season of AFC Champions League. Of course, the rest of the game would be very hard. We must be prepared to do our best and make every effort to get the score.

For our young club, it was a good result to enter the quarterfinal of AFC Champions League for the first time to play and it would be wonderful if we can continue to play next season. Everyone knew that, so everyone made good preparation.

He Guan’s performance was very good. I was happy to see that. Next, we played a game every week, so I would let the strongest 11 players play. As to next round with Guangzhou Evergrade Taobao, I was not sure whether Kim Ju-Young returned back or not. So He Guan may continue to play.

Elkeson’s injury was rectus femoris. His specific traumatic condition would be known until tomorrow’s detailed examination after coming back Shanghai.

Hong Myung-Bo (the head coach of Hangzhou Greentown FC) :

Our player had been tried their best, but unfortunately, we lost two goals. SIPG was indeed a strong team. In the second half, after fumble early, we turned into passive. Over all, our players developed their ability.

The list

Goalkeeper : Yan Junling

Defender : Sun Xiang, He Guan (86’ Wang Jiajie ), Shi Ke, Fu Huan

Midfielder : Elkeson (39’ Evrard ), Yu Hai, Lu Wenjun (89’ Lin Chuangyi), Cai Huikang, Wu Lei

Striker : Hulk

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