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The Beacon. Knock down Evergrande in away game, the CFA Cup Champion belongs to Shanghai



Tonight, Shanghai SIPG in the CFA Cup semi-final of 2nd round, knock down Guangzhou Evergrande by 4 to 1 in away game, the total score of 6 to 2 has been promoted to the CFA cup final in this season, not only achieved they will compete against with Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the final, more is that the champions trophy will remain in Shanghai.




This match Wu Lei has two yellow card was suspended, head coach Boas continue to adjust the first starting line-up. On the defense line Portugal veteran Ricardo Carvalho partnered with He Guan to become center halfback, two side defender was Fu Huan and team leader Wang Shengchao; in the middle field was Oscar, Lin Chuangyi and Cai Huikang; on the forward line was Lv Wenjun take positions as center forward, right side is Hulk, left side is Wei Shihao who replace Wu Lei.




In the first half, Guangzhou Evergrande first to score the goal, in the 10’ minute, Goulart quick attack back to pass the ball to middle, Hao Lin shot to score. Shanghai SIPG in the 31’ minute use the opportunity of corner kick, Hulk in front of the goal post crash into goal, to draw the score.




In the 39’ minute, the player Liao Lisheng from Guangzhou Evergrande when he defend the attack from Shanghai SIPG, tactical fouls shovel Oscar, he has received the second yellow card for this match, to be sent off with a red card. Before end of first half, Shanghai SIPG has scored one more goal which took the lead, Hulk in the penalty area attract for defenders then pass the ball to Wei Shihao, U23 player calmly scored the goal on his own. When the first half ended, Shanghai SIPG took the lead by 2 to 1 in away game.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG which has more players actually control the game, also in the 79’ minute expand the score. Oscar attack back to pass the ball to Oscar, then he dribble the ball from the right and pass to the middle, Oscar follow the ball and shot to score the goal. After two minutes, Shanghai SIPG scored another goal, Oscar dribble the ball forward straight to the penalty area, then lobbed pass to score and change the score to 4 to 1.



In the 84’ minute, Guangzhou Evergrande just send Korean player Kim YoungGwon

was foul play Oscar, got red card and send off the pitch.


Finally, Shanghai SIPG knocks down Guangzhou Evergrande by 4 to 1 in away game, successfully promoted to the final of CFA Cup this season. This is also the first time in history that Shanghai SIPG has won over Guangzhou Evergrande in Tianhe stadium.



Then the league will be enter a break, the next away game for Shanghai SIPG will be compete against Liaoning FC on the 14th October for the 27th round of CSL champion league.





Boas ( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)



We are very happy that team takes a reverse process, finally won over by 4 to 1. The happiest moment, we lost in the AFC champion league, just the opposite, the player performed well, scored a lot of goals, we was deserve this victory.


We have knocking down the opponent Guangzhou Evergrande, we show that we have the ability to compete with our opponent, although they have won many trophy before. Our goal is to win a championship, although we haven't finished it yet, but such a victory and promotion result, it's very important for the players' morale.


Carvalho, a player, who is very experienced, after Shanghai SIPG has signing him, the reason why the rules are used in the league, unfortunately although he has many experience, however, the number of appearances is very few, we can only make such a choice. He used his experience in his usual training to bring a lot of things to the players, we also benefited from his presence in the game. He was in Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Portugal national team won many titles, ordinarily he should be eligible to start every game, this was a pity. Hope in the future he can appear in the CFA Cup final, because he deserved such opportunity.


Both Shanghai team shall meet in the final, this is very important. Both are very important football club for this city, we were fairly new,the competitor has a long history, more experience than us. The two rounds of the final are very interesting game, I hope our final will be play in a very good environment, in a very secure environment, It is also hoped that two rounds of play, the stadium will be packed with all the supporters.



Scolari( Head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande): Congratulations to our opponent's promotion. After the first red card, progress of whole game has changed. We have a good start, put out a set of tactics, unfortunately, after the goal, no longer seize the opportunity. The first goal from Shanghai SIPG, it’s not an opportunity either.


The ability for both team are almost the same, this ability reflect the circumstances of 10 playing against 11, very few teams that can win. But I still want to applaud for my players again, they are falling behind, with few people on the pitch, still fighting for it.



 Appearance List


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan, He Guan, Carvalho, Wang Shengchao

MF: Oscar, Cai Huikang, Lin Chuangyi(63’Yu Hai)

FW: Hulk, Lv Wenjun(82’ Li Shenglong), Wei Shihao( 77’Zhang Yi)


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