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Khuyến mãi sẽ sẵn sàng trong 7 giây

The Flames. Both Arna and Lopez scored two goals, the team received two victories


The second round of the first phase of CSL continued tonight. Shanghai SIPG beat Hebei China Fortune 4-0 at Kunshan stadium and received two victories. Both of Arnautovic and Lopez has scored two goals.  

Captain Hulk is absent, U23 players start to rotate

Captain Hulk is absent due to injury, Austrian player Arnautovic to partnered with Lopez on the forward line. Tonight, the captain's armband is worn on Oscar's arm.


Shanghai SIPG continues to use 532 formation. He Guan return from injury to be the third central defender with Shi Ke and U23 player Wei Zhen. Lyu Wenjun appeared in the left side position. Other starting players of Shanghai SIPG was the same as those in the first game. Jia Boyan, 16, who signed up with Shanghai SIPG this season, entered the substitution list.

Arna opens” Goal Account”, Lopez scored four goals in two games


The game kicks off at 33 degrees Celsius in Kunshan, Suzhou. Shanghai SIPG tried to find the chance to score through the cooperation between the center and the front court. At 25’minute, Wang Shenchao has received Oscar's right cross to break the goal, but due to offside at first place, it was judged by the VAR this goal is disallowed. In the first half, Shanghai SIPG finally broke the deadlock. Oscar's corner kick, the ball through the front point, the two teams after the scramble to fly to the back point, Arnautovic’s high jump to head the ball into the goal. Shanghai SIPG entered the halftime with a 1-0 lead.


Only three minutes after the second half, Shanghai SIPG scored another goal. After Lopez's successful counterattack from the middle, he hit the crossbar with a powerful shot from the middle of the net, and Arnautovic made up a small angle on the left side of the goal and scored his second goal. In the 72’minute, Shanghai scored the third goal of the game. Oscar sent the ball back to him. Lopez quickly ran into the penalty area with the ball on the left side again, and then calmly scored. After the big score, Shanghai SIPG replaced several substitutes to maintain the physical condition of the players on the field. In the additional time, Lopez also scored the second goal with a shot, this Brazilian has scored four goals in two games.

After winning this game, Shanghai SIPG has won two games with 6 points and is temporarily ranked first in group B in the first phase with the advantage of net winning goal.


The third round for Shanghai SIPG will be o the 6th August ( Thursday) at 20:00 pm, to compete against Qingdao Huanghai FC in Suzhou Sports Center Stadium.


Pereira:The players understood my tactical requirements

At the press conference after the game, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira praised the team for both attack and defense, "as I said before the game, we should control the opponent for their passing and coordination of the ball. Because they are very strong in the penalty area, we have a good control of the single and double point of ball controlling and has played out our level. We also controlled the attack and created a lot of opportunities and I think we have a chance to score more goals. I'm happy with the performance of the players and I'm happy to get three points.”

"I think in such weather condition we must keep the ball under our feet and starting pass it. If it is easy to lose the ball, the opponent counterattack, then the team must return to defense in a wide range, such consumption of energy is very big. Pereira also praised the team's execution, "We controlled the ball through long passes and was able to choose the right space to create scoring opportunities. You can't keep pushing and you can't always lose the ball. This is my tactical requirement to the players and they understand it.”

Regarding Lopez's performance, Pereira said, "I should say that we played a good game today as a team today. When you can play team football, the players with high level have the chance to score. If only individual combat, it will be very difficult. Our team has players with good assists and when we play well as a team, we create a lot of scoring opportunities. Lopez played an excellent game and I'm glad he helped the team and scored two goals.”

Pereira also explained that Hulk's absence was due to an injury during training. "I don't know when he will recover, next step I hope the medical team can help him return to normal as soon as possible."

Xie Feng, the head coach of Hebei China Fortune, said at the press conference: "in the first half, we played well, we all worked hard to defend the opponent, and we also protected each other. Losing the ball at the end of the half-time game is a big psychological attack to the players. At the beginning of the second half, we also lost the ball quickly, which attack the players. The main reason for losing is that I am satisfied with the performance of the players. I hope we can play well in the future. As I said before the game that Lopez is a good player and the offensive force of Shanghai SIPG has been improved. His biggest advantage is the ball behind him and the breakthrough under his feet. In the second half, our physical fitness decreased and our co defense was slow, which gave him more space. The foreign player like him will not waste these opportunities

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shenggchao; Wei Zhen; He Guan ( 84’ Li Shenglong); Shi Ke; Lyu Wenjun ( 74’ Yu Hai)

MF: Oscar; Murahmetjan( 74’ Yang Shiyuan); Akhmedov( 60’ Lin Chuangyi)

FW: Arnautovic ( 74’ Cai Huikang); Lopez

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