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The Flames. Ended with Victory for the Season of 2019




Shanghai SIPG beat Shenzhen FC with 6-0 at home in the final round of this season's CSL this afternoon. Arnautovic performed the show of "big four", Oscar contributed three assists, Captain Hulk also has scored one goal and contribute two assists.

Two U23 player enter the list of starting player


In this match, She Ke and Zhang Wei from Shanghai SIPG were suspended, head coach Pereira continued to adjust the starting line-up. On the attack line are Hulk, Arnautovic and U23 player Chen Binbin; midfielders are Lin Chuangyi and Cai Huikang plus Oscar; on the line of defend, Fu Huan appears at the right position, Wang Shengchao takes the left position, and the combination of the center back is He Guan partner with U23 player Wei Zhen.

Arnautovic scoring four goals

 Oscar is playing hat trick with great assist


In the first half, Shanghai SIPG took the initiative at home stadium. At the 10’ minutes, Oscar sent out a great pass in the penalty area, Arnautovic then received the ball from the left to shot with small angle.


In the 29’ minute, Shanghai SIPG took advantage of a quick counterattack opportunity to expand the score. Arnautovic dribble the ball into the penalty area at a high speed from the right side, and then split the ball to the back point. Hulk, who was not marked, easily scored the ball into the empty goal. He also become the only player in the team who scored two digits (10 goals) in the league of this season. Shanghai SIPG enter the break with the score of 2-0.


In the second half, the fast counterattack carried out by Shanghai SIPG, which Arnautovic scored three goals in a row.


In the 47’ minute, Wang Shengchao steal the ball in the middle field, passed it to Hulk, who quickly dribble the ball from the right side, and then assisted Arnautovic to easily hit the empty goal.


In the 54’ and 61’ minute, the three foreign players of Shanghai SIPG scored the two goals with the same counter attack. Hulk pass the ball to Oscar in the vacancy, and Oscar assisted Arnautovic to score the third and fourth goals of his own game. After Arnautovic joined the team in summer, he scored 9 goals for Shanghai SIPG in the league.


In the 74’ minute, Shanghai SIPG continued to score goals, Hulk's passing who finds Oscar in the penalty area, and Shanghai SIPG No. 8 also scored his 9th goal in the league of this season. Moreover, Oscar, who sent out a hat trick tonight, surpassed all competitors at once, after last season, he won the title of "best assist" with 13 assists.


Finally, Shanghai SIPG ended the whole season with a 6-0 victory. In the Chinese Super League, Shanghai SIPG ranked in third place with 20 wins, 6 draws, 4 loses which add up to total of 66 points.

He Guan is expecting his 100th leagues of CSL


Last Saturday, when playing against Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Yan Junling is expecting his 200th leagues of CSL. Today's match with Shenzhen FC is the 100th leagues for He Guan. In order to thanks to these two players for their contributions to the club from all the way until now, the club held a ceremony for them after the game, and Zhang Min who is the president of the club, presented them with celebratory shirt.


In the season of 2015, 23-years-old He Guan made his first show of CSL. Since five seasons, He Guan has experienced down and up moment. The only thing remain unchanged is that He Guan has been non-stop and trying his best. Right now, he is not only the core player of the team's defense, but also selected for the national team for many times with his stable performance.

Thank you for coming all the way to grow and harvest together with Shanghai SIPG, and looking forward to Yan Junling, He Guan and his teammates to create more brilliant achievement in the future.



Pereira:Enjoy the Victory

In the post-match press conference, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said: "today we played an excellent game, scored six goals, I am very satisfied with the performance of the team and players. The supporters in the stadium deserve the victory, and they can enjoy it. Here, I would like to thanks to the club, the players and everyone in the team, and the supporters for their support during the season. Next, we can enjoy our vacation.”

For next year's preparations for the new season, Pereira revealed that everything is according to the club's plan and arrangement, "previously because of the position is not determined, we have prepared two solutions.". Now it should be said that it has been implemented, including winter training and warm-up games, everything is well arranged. "

"I don't have much to say about this game," said Donadoni, the head coach of Shenzhen FC. From the number of goals, we know that the team's mental state is very low. The opponent scored four goals through quick counterattack, almost three or four foot passing in front of our goal post. The demotion has impact left with the whole team in a bad mental state. Although we also created scoring opportunities in the game, but we didn't make it. This game which the team loses in all aspects, no matter it is the competitive level or the spiritual level.”


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan; He Guan; Wei Zhen; Wang Shengchao ( 68’ Li Shenglong)

MF: Lin Chuangyi; Cai Huikang ( 73’ Zhang Yi); Oscar

FW: Hulk; Arnautovic; Chen Binbin ( 73’ Li Haowen)



The glorious supporter of the last phase of 2019 season is Zhou Guowei who is from the engineering maintenance department of Shanghai Stadium. Since the stadium was built, he has been there. It is because of the staff member like him who are doing the security work behind the scenes, making sure the smooth progress of every game of the team. Thank you for everyone’s hard work, let us see you next year.

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