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The Beacon. Shanghai SIPG Score a success in Home Ground by 2:1, See you in Jiangsu for the 2nd Round!

Tonight, Shanghai SIPG in the AFC Champions League eighth-final of the First Round, reversed the score by 2:1 to win over Jiangsu FC in home ground, Hulk and Akhmedov both score the goal during the match.


This particular match, head coach Boas send all main forces of the team onto the field. The Uzbekistan team leader Akhmedov back to main force line up, in the midfield Cai Huikang is partnered with Oscar.


 Just starting of the ninth minute, Jiangsu FC score one goal first in their away game, Martinez uses one foot shot in the penalty area to the goal. In the 31’ minute, Hulk force to break into the penalty area of Jiangsu FC, then fall down by their defense, the referee judge a for penalty goal, this Brazilin FW score the penalty kick himself, finally draw the score.

Before end of first half, again Hulk pass the ball from left to the center, Akhmedov head the ball through to counter the score. This is his first goal since he joined Shanghai SIPG. In the first half, Shanghai SIPG takes the lead as 2:1.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG once won the control of the match, repeatedly threaten opponent goal unfortunately let the last ball pass by. Finally in the first round of match, Shanghai SIPG won over 2:1 to the opponent in the home ground.


The second round of the match for both teams shall taking place on the 31st May ( Wednesday), this time will be moved to Jiangsu FC’s home ground.


The next match for Shanghai SIPG will be the 11th round for CSL which compete against Beijing Guoan in the home ground.



 Boas( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)


I am very pleased that the team won today’s victory, also need to look at the results of the second round, everything is possible. Both teams are play very hard today, but we are actually better, there are many opportunities that we can score, even can score the third goal. Now the score has makes us very open, we shall be well prepared and play the match next week.

The schedule is very intensive, we will keep the same rhythm to keep ourselves in a good state. For each player this is tight and tired, after this schedule is finished, only left with 3 rounds. The better thing is, currently we are very strong in mind, help us to recover from the physical tiredness. To continuously play the important match, also helps our player to always keep in a good state.

Yesterday the coach from opponent said, in the AFC champions league, he and the same league team to play has always win, but he did not make it today. Therefore he is taking the advantage of goals to be scored in the away match, in fact it is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the players which he is a very clever coach. As we know Jiangsu FC is a very strong team, they have great players, so we are respecting them. We performed very well today, create many opportunities and we deserve the victory.



Hulk ( The player of the match)

When we started, our state is not so good. After the first goal score by the opponent, every team mates has putting their efforts, to win the match. For the next week away game, I believe that through everyone’s efforts, we will get the final chance of promotion.

Choi Yong-Soo (head coach of Jiangsu FC):  We are confident enough that the match is in this case of the first round of the ball. The opponent has gain his goal by individual ability, and overtake the score. Overall we do not lose to the opponent, and we have get a valuable score in the away game, for us is more favorable in the second round. Hope back to home ground, we could take the opportunity and change into victory, to get the result that we expected.

For every match I would like to win, today we have made quite a few opportunities, but we are not doing perfect enough, and we have gone through the dangerous circumstances. In the second round, we shall not give up and retreat, and take full advantage which we have score the goal in the away game.

Hulk’s ability has been proved, today he played his own character in his area which is good at himself. With this experience, when we back to the home ground we shall be more confident, and be more targeted to defend him.


Appearance List:

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan, Shi ke, He Guan, Wang Shenchao

MF: Akhmedov, Cai Huikang, Oscar( 90’Lin Chuangyi)

 FW: Hulk, Elkeson, Wu Lei ( 88’Lv Wenjun)


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