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The Flames. Shanghai SIPG took the victory at home ground,three years made it to AFC formal match


Full-Time Report


2018 AFC champions league qualifiers has taking place in Shanghai Stadium tonight, Shanghai SIPG beat Chiangai United for 1 to 0, successfully made to this seaons group phase for the AFC champions league.


In this match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira follow the first team line-up which play in the warm up match, Shi Ke was also back from injury on time. On the defensive line, GK Yan Jun Ling, Middle DF Shi Ke was partnered with He Guan, left DF Yu Hai, right DF Wang Sheng Chao; MF Cai Hui Kang, Akhmedov and Oscar; on the forward line, team leader Hulk, with Wu Lei and Lyu Wen Jun.

In the first half, Shanghai SIPG has basically control the game, the opponent Chiangai United’s attack was purely threatening, but both teams did not have the opportunity to score the goal. When first half ended, the score was temporarily 0:0. 

In the second half, Pereira ask Zhang Yi to replace Akhmedov who was injured during first half. In the 48’ minute, after a corner kick by Shanghai SIPG, they have continuously bombard Chiangai United’s penalty area, Yu Hai head shoots the ball for team to get one goal, therefore Shanghai SIPG has lead the score by 1 to 0. In the 61’ minute, Elkeson appear on the field, to replace Lyu Wen Jun. After that, Shanghai SIPG has create few opportunities, but failed to transform into the second goal.



Finally Shanghai SIPG won the victory of the match, become the team in Group F for this year’s AFC champions league, together with Kawasaki Frontale, Ulsan Hyundai FC and Melbourne Victory.



For the 1st leg of AFC champions league, Shanghai SIPG shall compete against Kawasaki Frontale in away match, and on the 20th February to be back to home ground compete against Melbourne Victory.





 Pereira ( Head Coach of Shanghai SIPG)

It was our first match this year. When it begin, our player was acting a bit nervous and can not let it go, i think this was normal. This was a good match, we are all putting effort to create goals throughout the game, in total of 3 to 5 good opportunities to score goals. In the second half, we are perfoming better, there are continuity,creating transition smoothly, when there is moment of a lot closer to the goal.


Opponents also through the game, to approve they are a strong team, has excellent foreign players, very good organization of attack and defend, for us this match was fairly tough. But most important is, we have won the match, and entered the group phase for the AFC champions league.


As the head coach, I hope to build a strong team.This team needs to have a strong psychological and competitive mentality; and to have good technique,balance defend and offend; be able to create scoring opportunities,to prevent attack from the opponent; also hope that the team are playing aggressive in the game;especially when defensive tactics literacy,be wise, to focus in the game, to played a balance game. When th team are on the field, i can feel that, this the team which i wanted, tight formation, well-organised,tactics to perform well; lost the ball but grabs back immediately, have the opportunity to fit in the gap, if there is no chance but to control the ball at the foot as far as possible, do not lost the ball easily; able to seize the opportunity when it comes.


In fact, I would like to evaluate the performance for the whole team during the match, but there is someone i would like to mention today, Yu Hai has played very well today, he has a good left foot, good technique, also very smart, I'm glad to see him play at the left-back position today.


Oscar ( Player of the Game)

For both teams the cold weather are the same. I think we have played very well today, goalkeeper’s performance of the opponent was also very good.We have a lot of aspects need to improve the game,and then going to play well for the next game.

Gamma ( Head Coach of Chiangai United): We have perform very well in the first half, and have create 3 good opportunities, but we did not seize it. In the sceond half we have lost the goal too early, this has cause we have become very passive, Shanghai SIPG has give us many pressures, and then control the game.


I am now two kinds of mood,to be happy is that we have played a good match, to be sad is that we lost the opportunity to qualify for the champions league group stage. This match has approved that we can compete with strong team like Shanghai SIPG, hope next year we can come back to compete with them again.


Appearance List

GK: Yan Jun Ling

DF: Wang Sheng Chao, He Guan, Shi Ke, Yu Hai

MF: Oscar, Cai Hui Kang, Akhmedov ( 46 Zhang Yi)

FW: Hulk, Lyu Wen Jun ( 61 Elkeson), Wu Lei ( 90 Hu Jing Hang)

Today in Shanghai, during the cool winter night, we would like to thanks to 17300 supporters, and also there is a group of relevant staff members we are really appreciated for their efforts.


Thanks to the municipal public security bureau,Xuhui district public security bureau,security department and First aid medical team for their on site support and services, thanks to the staff members of Shanghai Stadium, thanks to all the volunteers from the supporter’s club, as well as volunteers of university students. Because of your support and contribution, that makes the game to run successfully, and also makes this day no longer feel cold.



Supporter volunteer of Media University placed the mineral water as SIPG, Welcome the arrival of the new season.


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